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Recent Updates

  • 2023.11.14.2

    Service Improvements for Native Load Balancer and VPN

    Users will have access to far more flexible caching through the native load balancer configuration and can now change transport level settings without restarting. The VPN configuration settings and keys can now also be reset.

    • improvement

      Caching Flexibility

      Native load balancer router extension config's are now more flexible than ever with cache settings.

    • improvement

      Transport Config Updates

      Native load balancer transport configuration changes can now be made without restarting the load balancer.

    • changed

      Server Reprovision

      The platform will no longer automatically attempt a server reprovision.

    • fixed

      Server Deploy

      Fixed a bug that prevented some users from deploying new servers.

    • added

      VPN Config and Keys

      Added the ability for users to reset VPN config and keys through the portal.

  • 2023.11.08.3

    Low Level Infrastructure Controls and Load Balancer Caching

    Many users have requested lower level controls on the host, especially to run agent type services. We're glad to announce that we've expanded the platform to be more flexible than ever at the lowest level with the addition of mountable host proc filesystem and shared directories. The Cycle native load balancer will now also support proxy and cache extensions on the router.

    • added

      Expose Host's /Proc

      Users can now opt into exposing the host's proc directory to any given container through the container configuration.

    • added

      Shared Directories

      Containers can now opt in to read or read/write access for directories directly on the underlying host.

    • added

      Native Load Balancer Configuration

      Cycle's native load balancer can now be configured directly through the portal.

    • improvement

      Factory Storage Usage

      Cycle's factory service has been enhanced to better utilize the disk of the underlying host, improving the services ability to handle more and larger builds.

    • fixed

      AWS Servers in EU

      Fixed a bug that would cause AWS servers in EU regions from listing properly on the server deploy form.

    • improvement

      IPv6 at GCP

      Implemented full IPv6 support for Google Cloud Platform.

    • improvement

      Standardized Provider Identifier

      Infrastructure abstraction layer API calls, referencing provider identifiers have been standardized.

    • improvement

      Auto-Scaling Error Handling

      Improvements have been made to the handling and propagation of errors originating from auto-scaling.

    • added

      Native LB Proxy and Cache

      Cycle's new native load balancer (beta) now supports proxying and resource caching.

  • 2023.10.10.2

    Auto Scaling Beta Released

    With our first October release, we're happy to share Cycle's auto scaling beta has arrived! This is a massive step forward for the platform and includes both container auto scaling and infrastructure auto scaling mechanisms. We've also included some improvements to resetting password ergonomics as well as some new data types for servers.

    • added

      Auto Scaling (Beta)

      Users can now set containers to automatically scale on several different usage thresholds. Mechanics have also been added to automatically provision and remove infrastructure for these events.

    • improvement

      Portal: Forgot Password Functionality

      The forgot password form has been improved and the process is now simpler.

    • added

      Ephemeral Servers

      Early support has been added for short lived (ephemeral) servers. This type of server will be treated differently than normal infrastructure and will have looser restrictions on being deleted/removed.

    • added

      New Server Flags

      New 'Evacuate' and 'LatestInstance' flags are now added to servers. These flags will be used in conjunction with the new auto scaling features.

  • 2023.09.18.1

    The V1 Load Balancer Moves Closer to Prod Ready And Containers Get More Flexible

    There's a building excitement around our V1 load balancer beta which now supports websockets, streaming requests, and more metric collections. These updates move the load balancer even closer to production ready status! We've also introduced two new container configuration options in update and a new state in healthcheck. The portal sees a nice collection of UI/UX improvements.

    • improvement

      V1 LB: Websockets, Streaming, and Metrics

      The V1 load balancer now supports websockets, streaming requests, and collects a wider range of metrics.

    • improvement

      Containers: Update Policy

      Users can now define a more verbose update strategy that allows for a stagger time to be set, further helping confirm system readiness on reimage.

    • improvement

      Additional AWS Server Types Supported

      Cycle now supports a much wider range of AWS EC2 instances.

    • improvement

      Websockets: Improved Heartbeat Logic

      Platform and Portal websockets have gotten an upgrade to connection status management, resulting in more reliable connections and reconnections to essential notifications.

    • improvement

      Containers: New Reimaging Process

      Reimage container functionality has been reworked so that images are fully downloaded, extracted, and verified before shutdown signal is sent to any instance.

    • improvement

      Healthcheck: Delay

      Users can now set a delay for their healthcheck configuration. This delay will wait a duration before healthchecks will start after a container has been started. They also support the health state of unknown, which enables users to implement probe-like patters.

    • fixed

      Notifications: Fixed Potential Deadlock

      During periods where an extreme number of notifications were being generated, the platform could occasionally deadlock. This issue has been resolved.

    • improvement

      [Portal] Server: CPU Charts

      The portal will now show usage CPU usage on the server telemetry graph as a percentage.

    • improvement

      [Portal] Billing: Re-Attempt Invoice

      Users can now manually re-attempt payment of an invoice through the portal.

    • fixed

      [Portal] Container: 'Current' Image Badge

      An issue existed where the current container image being used was not properly showing when interacting with the reimage form. This issue has been resolved.

    • improvement

      [Portal] UI Improvements

      Users will notices some nice UI improvements in the portal such as: instance health state on container modal and graph font size standardization.

  • 2023.08.24.1

    Launch of a Brand New Interface for Cycle

    After months of development we've launched a new portal into production. With it comes a swath of new features, enhancements, and fresh design that will bring better information and productivity to our customers. Alongside the portal release, users will also notice meaningful platform updates to stacks, VPN, and image name validation.

    • improvement

      Portal Released

      A new portal is released featuring a modern style, increased speed, more reliable state and websocket connections, and much more.

    • improvement

      Stack Services

      Users can now define VPN and load balancer services in stacks, bringing additional flexibility to the format.

    • added

      VPN Config: API

      Users can now programmatically interact with the VPN configuration.

    • improvement

      Notifications Optimization

      The notification pipeline has been improved to further handle large spikes in notifications without any reduction in functionality.

    • fixed

      Image Name Validation

      Previously, certain images with periods in the image name would fail form validation. This issue has been resolved.

  • 2023.08.04.1

    A New Image Source Type & Big CPU Changes

    This update will provide meaningful updates to server/host CPU's and the visibility, configuration, and effectiveness of those resources. We've also made a new round of fixes to the v1 Cycle load balancer for those who've opted into its use, and finally a new image source type of OCI Registry has been added.

    • improvement

      Server/Host CPU Utilization

      The platform now tracks CPU utilization for the host itself. Previously, the platform would only track load, RAM, and storage usage.

    • improvement

      Core Ranges for CPU Pinning

      Users can now designate a core range x-y for pinning a container to CPU cores.

    • improvement

      Improved CFS Scheduler Period

      Increased period to match the default which will be a better balance of throughput and latency while decreasing overhead.

    • fixed

      V1 Native Loadbalancer Fixes

      Fixed a panic that occurred when the LB failed to properly route traffic to a destination.

    • added

      Image Source: OCI Registry

      Added the ability to add OCI registries as image sources. This is a new feature in Cycle that provides support for any image registry conforming to the OCI spec. As a part of this, you can now natively add AWS ECR registries as sources to the platform.