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Recent Updates

  • 2023.05.25.1

    Image Caching Layer, New Image Source Type, Identifiers, and Much More

    This update includes 7 weeks worth of improvements across a number of areas, but most significantly: images. Users now have an image caching layer, support for pushing local images, simplified resource identification, backup retention policy, and container deletion prevention. The team also fit in some wonderful enhancements and needed fixes.

    • added

      Image Caching Layer

      The image caching layer will allow for the use of images as they are built on the factory instead of waiting for the image to be fully uploaded to our backend image storage service. This update should greatly reduce the time it takes larger image to become live and also have a significant impact on reducing errors in uploads to the backend service, which, previously, could cause the entire image import to fail.

    • added

      Image Source: Bucket

      A new image source type has been added to the API called the "bucket" type. This type will allow users to upload images from their local machine directly to Cycle without needing to first push that image to a registry.

    • added

      Resource Identifiers

      Environments, hubs, pipelines, and image sources will now support identifiers. Identifiers give users a simpler way to name a given resource without using the ID.

    • improvement

      Container Command Override

      Users can now wrap long blocks of commands in quotes when setting a container override command, giving greater flexibility to this utility.

    • added

      Backups Retention Policy

      Backups will now have a retention policy that will default to one year, but that can be set by the user. This policy is how long a backup will be kept for a given container.

    • added

      Containers Lock

      Users can now take advantage of the containers "Lock" field, a boolean where true means the container will not be able to be deleted.

    • fixed

      GCP GPU Pricing

      An issue that prevented the correct price from being shown on certain GCP GPU's has been resolved.

    • fixed

      Pipelines: Stack Builds

      An issue that would cause stack builds to panic when created as part of a pipeline has been resolved.

  • 2023.04.04.1

    Unique VXLan Tags and New Filters on Activity

    Our first release of April brings a fix to VXLan tagging that guarantees uniqueness of the tag among environments. Also, users of the API can now filter by events for security/hub activity.

    • fixed

      VXLan Tag Uniqueness

      VXLan tags are now guaranteed to be unique between environments.

    • added

      Activity Filtering

      Users can now filter API returns for security/hub activity events.

  • 2023.03.22.1

    Adaptive Networks and More Resilient Provisioning

    This minor update further optimizes IPSec and other container orchestration features within Cycle. Most notably, this update helps make Cycle networks more adaptive to host network changes.

    • improvement

      Adaptive Neighbor Networks

      If a neighbor significantly changes (IP, IPsec config, etc), Cycle will now automatically learn of those changes and rebuild any necessary networks and routes.

    • improvement

      Unique IPSec IDs

      Previously, if too many servers were deployed too quickly within a single hub, there was a chance that an ID conflict could exist causing packet loss between servers.

    • improvement

      Optimized Instance Pruning And Cleanup

      Batch instance deletes have been optimized to occur faster and use less lookup calls.