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Recent Updates

  • 2024.02.13.3

    New Pipeline Steps and Improvements to SDN, Variable Support, and Load Balancing

    On the heels of the newly released Deployments feature, we've added new pipeline steps that make deployments more powerful than ever. Along with the new steps, users will find support for using SDN's to communicate between deployments, extended variable support in pipelines, mTLS support for the native load balancer, and optimizations to how the native load balancer treats unreachable destinations.

    • added

      Additional Pipeline Steps

      Added the ability to start/stop environment deployments via pipeline.

    • improvement

      Increased Variable Support in Pipelines

      More fields now accept variables within pipelines enabling users to build more powerful and dynamic automations.

    • improvement

      SDN Support for Deployments

      Containers in deployments can now utilize SDN's to target containers in deployments from other environments.

    • added

      Mutual TLS (mTLS)

      Cycle's native load balancer now supports mutual TLS on a per-router basis.

    • improvement

      Unreachable Destination Optimization

      If the native load balancer is unable to reach a destination, that destination will be temporarily marked as unavailable to decrease retry attempts on subsequent requests, ensuring lower latency routing.

  • 2024.01.31.2

    Security Update for CVE-2024-21626, CVE-2024-23651, CVE-2024-23652, and CVE-2024-23653

    As of a few hours ago, CVE-2024-21626, CVE-2024-23651, CVE-2024-23652, and CVE-2024-23653 were made public. As reported by SNYK, the first of these vulnerabilities involves an issue with RunC runtime and the other three BuildKit. Now, within just a few hours of notice, we bring our users this update fully patching all of their infrastructure and protecting them from any exposure to these exploits.

    • improvement

      Vulnerability Patch

      A number of vulnerabilities (CVE-2024-21626, CVE-2024-23651, CVE-2024-23652, and CVE-2024-23653), that affect almost all container platforms, was announced on January 31st. This update addresses those vulnerabilities.

    • improvement

      Health Check Subshell Support

      Similar to a container runtime override command, or a backup command, health checks now support commands that utilize subshells.

    • fixed

      Expired Routers on Native Load Balancer (Beta)

      Previously, old routers weren't removed from the native load balancer and could occasionally cause race conditions. The native load balancer is still in beta.

    • improvement

      Native Load Balancer Extensions

      Users can now further customize the granularity/sensitivity of their telemetry collection. Additionally, proxy/forward handlers were improved to handle in-transit content modification.

  • 2024.01.24.1

    Zero Downtime With Cycle Deployments

    This latest update introduces Deployments, allowing seamless management of application versions and rainbow deployments. We've also added variable support for both pipelines and stacks, boosting the flexibility of both resources, simplifying management. The new deployments feature brings with it new pipeline steps that make it easier than ever to plug Cycle into your CI/CD workflow.

    • added

      Rainbow Deployments

      Teams can now deploy multiple versions of their applications into the same environments and manage which version is production, staging, development, etc. Organizations can then route traffic to specific versions based on a tag enabling zero downtime updates and rollbacks.

    • added

      Pipeline Variable Support

      Pipelines now support variables for identifiers and deployment version tags allowing teams to build one pipeline that can accomplish many unique tasks.

    • added

      Stack Variable Support

      Users can now denote variables in their stacks and, at build/deploy, specify the values for those variables enabling stacks to be customized on the fly.

    • added

      Internal Domains

      Similar to a /etc/hosts file on your machine, Cycle's discovery service now supports custom internal domain resolution for environments.

    • improvement

      Additional Pipeline Steps

      We've introduced a few new pipeline steps around deployments, web hooks, and image imports to enable better automation when paired with a CI/CD entrypoint.

    • added

      Resource Identifier

      Introduced a new way of referencing resources/objects within a Cycle hub using a textual string as opposed to requiring an Object ID.

    • improvement

      Compute Mesh

      Previously, compute servers opened a couple different ports for compute<->compute communication. We've now consolidated this into a single server/port to make it easier to enforce security policies.

    • improvement

      Portal: Optimized 'Add Item' Forms

      Refactored all 'Add Item' forms to be more predictable and less prone to a user forgetting to add a new item to a given resource.

    • improvement

      Portal: Optimized 'Stack Deploy' Paths

      To prevent confusion, we've consolidated all stack deployment functionality to Stacks/Pipelines as opposed to having nearly half a dozen different ways of deploying a stack.

  • 2023.12.18.5

    Shared Files, New Console, and Better Telemetry Controls

    Headlining this release is the ability to mount external file systems (like EFS from AWS) directly to servers on Cycle and then allowing containers to consume those mounts through shared directories. Along with that, the team has also created the Console view on the portal so users can now view direct console output from servers via the portal and API! The load balancer got awesome upgrades to telemetry, while the portal got great upgrades to handling that configuration as well as a refactor for notifications.

    • added

      Compute Node Console

      Users can now get console output from compute nodes directly in the portal and through the API.

    • added

      Shared File Systems

      Users can now create host level mounts with external file systems (like EFS from AWS), which can then be mounted in containers on that host.

    • improvement

      V1 Telemetry Performance

      The V1 load balancer has been improved by optimizing the way telemetry is collected, yielding faster response times.

    • improvement

      V1 Telemetry Extension Options

      Users can now configure the granularity and staleness of telemetry data, allowing use-case optimization.

    • improvement

      Portal: V1 Config Transport Extensions

      The portal now has cleaner transport extension configuration interactions.

    • improvement

      Portal: Refactored Notifications

      We've rebuilt the notification handler in the portal to be easier to interact with and take up less screen real estate.

    • added

      V1 Controllers API Call

      Introduced and API call to fetch the active controllers from an LB.

    • fixed

      Scoped Variables Crash

      Fixed a panic when updating scoped variables deployed via a stack.

    • fixed

      Image Source Auth Crash

      When adding auth to an image source that previously didn't have auth, a crash would occur.

  • 2023.12.11.1

    Major V1 Load Balancer Additions and Improvements to Scoped Variables

    While it's not yet recommended for production use, the V1 load balancer is closer than ever to moving past the beta phase! We're happy to announce the addition to load balancer metrics page where users can gain valuable insights on ingress traffic to their containers. Along with this the team also added awesome new features like path matching, automatic domain sanitization, and users can now opt in to automatic updates for service containers. If that wasn't enough for one release, we've also made improvements to scoped variables adding valuable granular controls.

    • added

      New Load Balancer Metrics

      Cycle's new V1 native load balancer now tracks latency, response times, and more!

    • added

      New Load Balancer Features

      The V1 native load balancer now supports path matching on routers as well as automatic domain sanitization (removal of www., etc).

    • added

      Automatic Environment Service Updates

      Users can now opt into getting automatic updates to service containers that would otherwise require manual restarts of those services.

    • fixed

      Deadlock within V1 Beta LB

      A deadlock could occur within telemetry collection under certain conditions.

    • improvement

      Rebuilt Scoped Variables

      More granular controls and integrations for how scoped variables should be utilized with containers. Now supports config file injection to defined path and internal API durations.

    • improvement

      Better Handling of Orphaned Network Routes

      Certain situations could previously allow an orphaned route to sit around until a Compute service restart, this has been resolved.

    • added

      Portal: Native V1 LB Metrics

      A traffic/metrics tab has been added to the load balancer service modal.

    • improvement

      Portal: Scoped Variables

      All scoped variable forms and dashboards have been completely rebuilt to align with new functionality.

  • 2023.11.14.2

    Service Improvements for Native Load Balancer and VPN

    Users will have access to far more flexible caching through the native load balancer configuration and can now change transport level settings without restarting. The VPN configuration settings and keys can now also be reset.

    • improvement

      Caching Flexibility

      Native load balancer router extension config's are now more flexible than ever with cache settings.

    • improvement

      Transport Config Updates

      Native load balancer transport configuration changes can now be made without restarting the load balancer.

    • changed

      Server Reprovision

      The platform will no longer automatically attempt a server reprovision.

    • fixed

      Server Deploy

      Fixed a bug that prevented some users from deploying new servers.

    • added

      VPN Config and Keys

      Added the ability for users to reset VPN config and keys through the portal.